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District cooling

District cooling is an environmentally friendly method of keeping properties cool.

District cooling refers to cooled water being distributed through piping to cool building’s air conditioning. The operating principle is the same as in district heating, but the excess warmth is carried away in the energy company’s district cooling water.

District cooling can also be used to cool down production and storage facilities in industrial buildings.

Cost-efficient and effortless district cooling

By choosing district cooling you’ll save energy and money, since the method is more cost-efficient than cooling down individual buildings.

District cooling will help avoid excess noise caused by cooling machinery and the space that such machines would take up can be used for other purposes. And in absence of separate cooling machinery, there’s no need to worry about their maintenance and upkeep.

District cooling in six municipalities in Finland

District cooling is currently offered by district heating companies mostly in Southern Finland.

  • Helsinki
  • Turku
  • Lahti
  • In Vierumäki in Heinola
  • Lempäälä
  • Espoo
  • Tampere
  • Pori

Using the G-Power district cooling substation you can easily enjoy the benefits of district cooling. Send a request for a quote on a district cooling solution to your nearest Gebwell dealer here!

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