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Ground source cooling

Ground source cooling also known as geothermal cooling is an environmentally friendly way to cool the real estate.

The liquid circulating in the heat well drilled for collecting ground source heat can also be used for cooling a real estate. To utilize ground source cooling in addition to a heat well you need a circulation pump for producing the cooling energy and a fan coil unit for distribution of cooling in the room air.

Ground source cooling can also be used for cooling industrial plants and commercial real estates. The utilization of ground source cooling will further shorten the payback time of the ground source heating system especially in large real estates.

Convenient and cost-effective ground source cooling

Ground source cooling is extremely economical, the portion of free cooling energy is even 95-98 percent. Electrical energy is used only for operating the circulation pump and fan coil unit. By using ground source cooling the noise nuisances of the conventional cooling units is avoided and the space reserved for cooling units can be used otherwise. When cooling units are taken out of operation also the service and maintenance costs of the units will disappear.

Distribution of the ground source cooling in the real estate

Ground source cooling can be distributed in the real estate either through ventilation, fan coil unit or radiant heater. Cooling through ventilation is implemented either with a heat recovery appliance or through a separate duct coil. This is viable option in new buildings, where ground source cooling can be taken into account already at planning stage, e.g. in sufficient insulation of ventilation ducts.

A fan coil unit consists of a heat exchanger and a fan, which recycles room air through the exchanger. Fan coil unit can be placed e.g. on the wall or on the ceiling.

With Gebwell ground source heat pump you will easily get the benefits of ground source cooling at your disposal. Our ground source heat pumps have a built-in readiness for cooling control.

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